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Yesterday, I deployed a version of my website that uses a new generation system. Your visit to check for any bugs that may have been introduced is very welcome; in particular, if you have a non-Opera browser. (Unfortunately, there are still differences in standard conformance between various browsers—and for one individual to test them all…)

Previously, the XHTML code was generated directly from the private template language I use; now, an intermediary generation of XML has been added, which is later transformed to XHTML using XSLT (which now does most of the work). Apart from the general advantage of having a more “pipe-lined” processing, this solves a number of problems caused by the lack of context-awareness of the original shell scripts and has given me an excuse to refactor a few ugly solutions. Further, the new system will be far easier to extend and adapt, should the need arise.

(More background information can be found in my technical notes. Note, however, that this page describes a state before a number of extensions had been made—and, in particular, has not yet been updated for the major recent changes. This will change with the next deployment.)

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April 25, 2010 at 5:54 pm

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