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Comment censorship and comment policies VIIIs: Coloured bloggers in need of a reality check (follow-up)

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To give a better perspective of the kind of thinking that goes on at the blog discussed in the previously installment:

  1. The following post is titled I blame the Patriarchy for my technical incompetence.e, giving a clear indication of the closeness in thought to harmful variations of feminism.

  2. Before I (relatively soon) left the discussion on the page, AfroCan made a number of illogical or ad hominem statements confirming my earlier opinions. These included (among many others) attacking me for using “racism” in its correct meaning instead of his own Newspeak distortion of the term, which, per definitionem, would make it impossible for coloured to be racists and near unavoidable for white to be so. (An evil rhetorical trick, which I recently saw echoed on the blog of a participant of a brain-washing seminare. For more on abuse of “racism”, see a previous article.)

    It is also clear that AfroCan has not actually bothered to understand what claims I actually make or the greater context of those claims.

    The following statement is downright scary:

    That is part of your White arrogance right there! Everything Whites extol is “truth” but the experiences of people of colour are “fabrications”, “lies” and “rantings”!

  3. Further misleading statements were made by Jennifer Kesler, including

    Michael, the argument that bigotry is perpetuated by angry marginalized people yapping excessively (which is what your quoted statement here boils down to) is an old silencing tactic. There’s a huge amount of privilege baked into the very idea.

    Here an argument that I have never made is associated with me as an excuse for the accusation of using a silencing tactic. This is the more absurd, seeing that silencing tactics are the speciality of the PC movement. Indeed, Jennifer’s own statement is exactly that—a silencing tactic. (Criticism of the “truths” of the movement are “proof” of being bigoted or “privileged” and, ipso facto, invalidate the criticism.) Further, an entirely irrelevant and factually incorrect claim about privilege is made.


    You’re attempting to show AfroCan what his place is. How textbook racist is that? No one’s alienating you. You’re just looking for rationalizations to back up what you’ve already decided.

    Again a highly misleading representation of my statements—followed by a grossly incorrect conclusion: I do not care the least about AfroCan’s skin color. What I care about is his destructiveness, lack of objectivity and insight, and flawed reasoning.

    I have never spoken about alienation concerning myself, but, irrespective of intentions, I am being alienated by the unreasonable behaviour shown by large parts of the PC movement.

    I am certainly not looking for rationalizations—even more certainly not for the alleged racist views that Jennifer tries to ascribe to me: My topics are evil rhetoric, lack of critical thinking, the harmful misguidedness of the PC movement, and similar. Criticizing idiocy among self-proclaimed anti-racists is not racism! I note that her claim about rationalizations amounts to directing the criticism against the PC movement (with its ideological blindness, rationalizations, and unwillingness to listen to factual arguments) back against those who raise the criticism in the first place. (More generally, I have noted that feminists are very prone to attack their opponents for exactly the sins that they, themselves, are the worst perpetrators of. A notable example is härskarteknikerw, including ridiculing and shaming, which are used on a very large scale by many feminist groups, debaters, and bloggers.)


Written by michaeleriksson

November 4, 2010 at 9:58 am

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  1. […] heavy on the issues of academic freedom, free speech on US campuses, and similar. (See [1], [2], [3] for the […]

    • I have just skimmed through the linked to article: While not incorrect in the broadest strokes, it can be highly misleading in the context of discussions like the above or when looking closer than the broadest strokes.

      Most notably, people in the STEM area often are (and correctly perceive themselves as) more rational than others. The step from here to perfekt rationality, however, is very large. Furthermore, the more rational, educated, experiences, or intelligent someone is, the greater the probability of awareness of ones own irrationality. (See also the Dunning-Kruger-effekt.) For that matter, anyone who has at least some knowledge of the history of science, will know that there have been many instances of the best-and-brightest having diametrically opposed opinions—and having held on to and proposed these opinions vehementl. Someone with this knowledge, e.g. a science major, will then be quite likely to reflect on own vulnerability.

      Bear in mind that STEM fields tend to attract a certain type of person and also often requires above to considerably above intelligence (which correlates strongly with rationality). In addition, STEM college courses, in particular math, can be good tools to improve ones ability to think—and be highly humbling in pointing out the limits of ones own ability. In effect, these people are not (or only partially) considered rational because they work in STEM fields—they work in STEM fields because they are of over-average rationality.

      The claim that there would be a perception (whether warranted or not) of Whites as more rational does not match my own impression. For Jews and/or Asians, a case could possibly be made. That men, on average, are more rational (or, if you will, less irrational) than women is a fact of life. Whether any of this influences the self-perception of white men in the STEM fields in a non-trivial manner, well, that is just speculation.


      May 24, 2013 at 10:23 pm

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