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The “77 cents on the dollar” fraud revisited—Equal Pay Day

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I just came across an article, There Is No Male-Female Wage Gape, on the “Equal Pay Day” fraud—the day were women allegedly have caught up with men’s earnings from the previous year. The claim that women would earn less for equal work has been debunked here previously (cf. [1], [2]) and in many external sources; however, political feminists seem to pay no heed (incidentally giving more proof for my previous post).

The article in a nutshell:

Feminist hand-wringing about the wage gap relies on the assumption that the differences in average earnings stem from discrimination. Thus the mantra that women make only 77% of what men earn for equal work. But even a cursory review of the data proves this assumption false.

A few central points:

  1. Men suffer a higher unemployment rate. (9.3 % to 8.3 % according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics respectively the article.)

  2. Voluntary career choices (e.g. line of work or position sought) have a significant impact.

  3. Men work longer hours than women. (8.75 hours to 8.01 hours for full-time workers.)

  4. The wage gap often goes in the opposite direction nowadays:

    Recent studies have shown that the wage gap shrinks—or even reverses—when relevant factors are taken into account and comparisons are made between men and women in similar circumstances. In a 2010 study of single, childless urban workers between the ages of 22 and 30, the research firm Reach Advisors found that women earned an average of 8% more than their male counterparts.


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April 25, 2011 at 10:33 pm

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