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With regard to my “come-back” post and dealing with the backlog, I have the feeling of getting nowhere.

The main reason is that I currently work in Munich (while having my official residence and my desktop computer in Düsseldorf). I spent June living in hotels with heavy travel on Mondays and Fridays. With too little energy on the weekend, nothing much got done. Since July I have a company-rented apartment in Munich and have remained here for most weekends, but with my desktop still in Düsseldorf there has not been much opportunity (although I have over time brought copies of everything I need). In addition, working on a laptop is much less comfortable than my setup in Düsseldorf.

A major further complication has been Aldi Talk (cf. the earlier entry): Here too, major incompetence on behalf of the provider led to an interruption of service for almost two weeks and the mid-term need to search for a new provider. Considering that both Aldi Talk and the previously discussed Fonic are brands ultimately run by E-Plus, I can only very strongly encourage my readers to stay away from them all. (The downside is that the entire mobile-communications field appears to be rotten to its core, rife with incompetence and using customer hostile methods bordering on the illegal, e.g. through making greatly misleading claim in their information material. In other words: The choice is not between good and bad, but bad and worse.)

For my part, after my second one-month-flat-rate at Aldi Talk expired (the one with the two-week interruption in it), I switched to services provided by Vodafone branded as RTL (a German television station—there is no end to the companies who want a piece of the cake…). From what I have gathered on the Internet, this is likely the best pre-paid alternative (knock on wood). However, my experiences started with a severe delay in delivery of the (not available in stores) SIM card: The alleged maximum of 5 working days for delivery was exceeded by a full week…

As for the backlog, I hope to make some progress in the future, with most obstacles out of the way (again: knock on wood); however, considering the size of the backlog, this will still likely take a number of months.

As for WordPress, I will likely not publish that many posts here in the future (despite the multiple entries from today): My website is more suitable for my purposes and easier for me to work with. In addition, some bug or other in WordPress currently makes it impossible for me to set tags/categories, implying that the traffic-driving advantages of WordPress for new posts are almost eliminated. (While my website has a decidedly larger traffic on “old” entries.)


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August 18, 2013 at 6:32 pm

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