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Over the last few months, I have several times started to write something, been three quarters through, and not put in the finishing touches because I have lacked the means of publishing:

On the one hand, publishing at my website proper would have taken considerable extra work, because I have yet to set up what I need (including various programs and the repository of writings and code) after my old laptop died last autumn. Worse, I have yet to straighten out various changes made during my absence from the Internet a few years back (cf. some older posts) and the website, unlike WordPress, is NOT published piece by piece but as a certain set of current entries in a version control system.

On the other, publishing at this blog has a) been extremely frustrating through the user hostile interface of WordPress and b) has hitherto relied on the same code as my website for generation of the HTML I publish.

In this way, technology has become an accidental obstacle where it was intended as a helper, while my wish to do things in the optimal way (i.e. using my website and/or the corresponding tools) has resulted in my doing nothing. Perfect IS the proverbial enemy of good.

To break out of this, I have made some experiments with a feature “Post by Email” provided by WordPress, which allows me to by-pass the user-hostile interface and, as the name implies, post by sending an email. The current post is the first official publication using this method (subscribers have likely seen a few test posts). This comes with a few caveats, however:

  1. There may be things that go wrong here and there. Especially, I fear that I might have to make manual tweaks post-publication for at least the first few posts (subscribers beware). Rumor has it that “Post by Email” often mangles HTML code.
  2. To resolve the issue of HTML generation and reliance on my website tools, I have decided to (for the time being!) drop all the fancy possibilities I had and use a sed command to generate a very basic HTML document.
  3. There is an additional security risk, because anyone who figures out the right email address could publish on this blog too and the risk that the address becomes known to a third party is considerably larger than for a password. In addition, a brute-force attack would likely be able to find the address for plenty of blogs, even though it would be hard to attack a specific blog in that manner. (The low security of this feature is the reason why I have never tried it until now.) Most likely, there will never be an intruder, but beware that it could happen, and do give me the benefit of the doubt, should some out-of-the-ordinary contents appear.

I do not think that I will suddenly become as prolific as I once was, because other reasons that deter me from writing remain, including a want of time and being fed up with human stupidity. However, currently on vacation, I hope to publish at least two lengthier pieces in the next few days: A discussion of why I feel that we have a crisis of democracy (that I am currently working on) and a review of the latest Star Wars movie (that I started around New Year’s, but am only finishing up now).

As for my main website, I hope to take a few months off for a mini-sabbatical in the autumn and (among many other things I plan to do) straighten the situation out.

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April 13, 2016 at 9:47 am

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