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Follow-up: Improving my apartment, going against conventions

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For about half-a-year, I have been sleeping on a duvet instead of a mattress ([1]).

My experiences so far have been excellent and even the minor discomforts that I mentioned in [1] have disappeared over time. I have even occasionally slept well after accidentally ending up off-duvet.

The one area where I have had some concern is my neck vs. my pillow: over time, I had an increasing amount of discomfort, likely because my shoulder does not sink into the (non-existing) mattress during sleep, which leads to a sub-optimal head position/angle/whatnot on the pillow compared to the days of my old mattress. I have recently bought a second pillow and so far (knock on wood) this seems to have done the trick.

A minor potential issue, which might grow more important in the winter, is warmth: because my body is now closer to direct contact with the floor, a cold floor can have a greater negative effect. Normally, the duvet takes care of this, but if it is moved out of place, the feeling of cold can be uncomfortable. (The duvet moves out of place sufficiently rarely that I have never taken other counter-measures than straightening it every few days.) For those moving from bed to floor (as opposed to floor-with-mattress to floor-with-duvet), the room-internal heat gradient might also be an issue, in that hot air tends to rise and cold air to sink, implying that the air might be colder on the floor than in a regular bed. If so, this is a good thing in the summer but might be suboptimal in the winter.

Written by michaeleriksson

November 2, 2019 at 9:38 pm

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