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That bad cosmic joke / Follow-up: Various

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And the bad cosmic joke continues:

I have been severely hampered in my work for about two months due to a stubborn bronchitis, fever, a cough so persistent that it eventually gave me a painful rib, etc.

This Sunday (19th September), I felt as well as I had in half an eternity and decided to take up work on my books again come Monday.

Come Monday came … yet another bout of construction noise, making any work impossible, and forcing me to make the best of a bad situation by ear plugs, ANC headphones, a loud noise generator, and DVDs for distraction, lest I go bananas over the constant disturbances—including hammering, stomping, and slamming of doors, at least some of it taking place in the stairwell where the sound spreads so much more strongly than in the apartments.

Around 8 PM, it seemed to be enough for the day, and I tried to get some sleep (being on an “early schedule” at the moment). Barely had my head touched the pillow and it started again. This repeated several times until around 10 PM, when it truly seemed to get quite—but, by now, I could not sleep, as I just kept waiting tensely for the next noise.

I might finally have dozed off around midnight—only to wake around 5 AM. (After too much sleep for me to just fall asleep again, but too little to leave me sufficiently rested. The latter especially when I am ill and need the effects of sleep more than usually.)

Of course, on a normal day, this is not much of a problem, because I can just wait until I am tired enough and then sleep a few hours during the day—but not yesterday, as the construction work resumed and continued until at least the late afternoon*.

*Possibly, around 5 PM and with the reservation that I cannot rule out that they continued for considerably longer in a form that was simply not audible through my countermeasures.

To ease the disturbance, I spent between one and two hours of the afternoon walking around town and doing two errands (that I could otherwise have done in five minutes). The result? I felt like shit as I arrived back home, worse than I had done in the last two weeks, likely “assisted” by the considerable drop in temperature over the last week.

The evening was similar, in that I tried to go to sleep around 8 PM, but failed due to the constant fear of new disturbances. I eventually gave up and did some reading until around midnight, went to sleep, and awoke around 5 AM—again.

We then (already!) have two days wasted, a considerable setback in my health, and a today that will leave me either almost useless through sleepiness and illness or sleeping most of the day away—even should there be no further construction works. (I hope for the best, but I am not optimistic. Sometimes, these construction works go on for one or two days; sometimes, they go on for weeks or months. A notification “that” or “for how long” has never been given.)

Written by michaeleriksson

September 22, 2021 at 6:39 am

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