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House from Hell / Construction noise

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Looking back at this week, there has been in excess of two hours of construction noise, including drilling, on Monday and Tuesday, likely* something similar on Wednesday, and right now (Friday) there has been a persistent hammering for more than half-an-hour and counting. (Small blessing, Thursday did not contain any major disturbances.)

*I left the building for in excess of two hours once the disturbances started up again.

This in what appears* to be a continuation of works than originally began more than six months ago and in a house which has suffered more than a year of construction noise over just a few years time—much of it covering entire workdays, much involving such loud and persistent noises that it was impossible to remain in the apartment, and much intruding even upon the weekends.

*There is, of course, a possibility that work in one apartment ended and work in another began.


Written by michaeleriksson

April 29, 2022 at 8:56 am

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