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Radicalizing your victims / Follow-up: Who are the real extremists?

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A particularly scary thought in light of the inexcusable acts of the current U.S. Democrats and the ever present reality distortion of the Left, in general:

What if their inexcusable acts eventually force members of the non-Left to use extreme methods,* which the Democrats then take as an excuse to escalate their inexcusable acts even further? This possibly including “temporary”** suspension of civic rights or the use of military force to ensure compliance?

*Yes, even extreme methods can be justified in extreme situations, especially in self-defense. Note that few would dispute the right of e.g. Nazi-era Germans to resist their government with means that would have been out of bounds in a functioning democracy and Rechtsstaat, or of e.g. the citizens of the “occupied France” to do the same against the occupiers. While the U.S. is not quite there yet, the last few steps of deterioration could happen very fast.

**One of the key insights of politics is that “temporary” usually turns out to be a very long time.

Indeed, there are already a strong tendency (whether more governmental or more Leftist might be debated) to brand those who merely react to a worsening situation as “extremists” or to accuse them of “radicalization”. Consider e.g. various protests against unconscionable, severely harmful, and scientifically unfounded COVID-countermeasures, or the recent farmers’ protests in the Netherlands. Or consider the occasionally used German “Staatsfeind” (“enemy of the state”)—are these enemies* of the state because they are mentally deficient (evil, racists, ignorant, whatnot) or for the very rational, reasonable, and arguably virtuous reason that the state is hostile towards them and other citizens and does them and other citizens harm?

*Assuming that the word actually applies in the first place, which is far from a given.

Similarly, even at current levels, what if those severely provoked and mistreated for sufficiently long ultimately snap, with similar consequences? To this, I point to the U.S. (using the word loosely) game of “not touching”—the one kid keeps waving his hand immediately in front of the face of the other (“Not touching! Can’t get mad!”), and when the other kid inevitably does get mad, the first kid runs to the nearest adult to complain. Much of what the Left does (e.g. in the current U.S.) and has historically done falls into the same category of behavior. Worse, while much of it can be seen as a metaphorical hand in front of someone’s face, other parts are equivalent to punching someone in the nose, again and again. Consider e.g. the behavior of the U.S. Democrats and their lackeys towards Trump. If this someone does not put up a fight, he will eventually find himself lying on the floor, being kicked and stomped, maybe to death. If he does put up a fight, then the aggressor screams a hypocritical “Mommy! He hit me!”, respectively begins a rant about “White Supremacy”, “Right-wing extremism”, or whatnot, demanding that the victim (!) be punished.

The world simply can no longer afford to tolerate the Left and its lies, defamation, hypocrisy, hate, and inexcusable acts.

Excursion on fake or entrapped “extremists”:
The above is not be confused with some utter bullshit that already goes on, as with the current misrepresentation of non-extremists as extremists (cf. [1]), including the gross and inexcusable distortions around J6, or with the deliberate entrapment that repeatedly has taken place, e.g. the FBI-instigated and -driven “plot” to kidnap Gretchen Whitmer. The resulting problems and dangers are similar, but the mechanism is different.

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August 30, 2022 at 6:51 pm

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