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The upcoming U.S. elections and election theft

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I have strong fears that there will be massive Democrat election theft in November. Not mainly because of what proof of fraud has been given for 2020,* or because the Democrats seem set to lose without cheating. No, because Hillary Clinton is raising hell about alleged upcoming Republican (!) election theft.

*Open questions include whether the fraud changed the overall outcomes, who in the DNC or elsewhere did or did not know/instigate, how organized and how individual it was, how national and how local, etc., but not whether extensive fraud took place—it did.

As I have seen again and again and again and again, the Left accuses its opponents of exactly what the Left itself is doing or about to do. (See e.g. Heuristics to understand Leftist claims.) If Hillary Clinton says that Republicans will steal an election, that is a very strong sign that it is actually the Democrats who are about to at least make the attempt.

Now, I do not know what will happen on election day, but I will make one thing clear in advance: If the pattern from 2020 repeats, that the Republicans have a clear* lead in the late evening and that this turns into a loss during the night or the following days, then I will, with the sum of all prior evidence, see that as proof of a stolen election—and as proof that the 2020 election was also stolen.

*An important word. That a one-percent lead here and a two-percent lead there reverses is not necessarily incriminating. However, if either clear individual leads disappear or if a clear lead over the sum of the House or Senate elections disappear, that is another matter. Ditto the gubernatorial elections.

Written by michaeleriksson

October 27, 2022 at 8:00 am

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