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Riots and whatnot, Chauvin trial III / Follow-up: Utterly insufficient data, insight, and thought

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For now, I will not comment further on the verdict or trial, as my take is sufficiently documented in Parts I and II.

However, it is time to revisit another quote from [1]:

Of course, if [Chauvin] is acquitted, we can cue the next round of riots … (“Racist jury!”, “Racist justice system!”, etc.)

While I have yet to hear “Racist jury!”, we do have riots, threats of violence, “Racist justice system!”, “Systemic racism!”, etc., etc., etc.—despite a conviction!

This shows how far the U.S. and the U.S. racial debate has descended, and it shows how dangerous it has been for politicians to not just treat e.g. BLM and Antifa with silk gloves, but to actually encourage their outrageous, anti-democratic, and criminal behavior. (Recent statements by Maxine Waters (?) are possibly the most horrifying in the mainstream, but the problem has been extensive for at least the past year.)

Moreover, it well exemplifies two problems that I have seen again and again in various incarnations of the Left:

Firstly, it is insatiable. Fulfill Leftist demand A to get some peace and quiet, to reach a compromise, whatnot, and it will gobble A down and raise demands for B and C.

Secondly, the more powerful the Left is, the more dominant its ideas are, etc., the more strongly rhetoric like “we X* are oppressed and society must be reformed” will be, the stronger the complaints about alleged “Rightwing” extremism, etc. A good example is the German “Rechtsruck”** propaganda, which is raised as a specter as soon as the voters or the more Conservative parties do not toe the Left-of-center line.

*With X e.g. “the workers”, “the women”, “the Blacks”.

**See a few earlier texts, including [2].


Written by michaeleriksson

April 21, 2021 at 8:56 am