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Visits to Sweden: Background information

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I have a number of texts directly or indirectly relating to my visits in Sweden in the pipe-line. To reduce the need for repeated explanations, I give some background information here, for future linking:

My late mother’s old house in Kopparberg has been sold, and I needed to go to Sweden to sort through what I might want to keep from e.g. childhood possessions and what could be thrown or given away, as well as to handle some formalities and to (socially) visit a few relatives, notably my father in Stockholm and my step-father in Kopparberg.

Two visits took place between between mid-January and early March. Both were somewhere between two and three weeks, each divided roughly 50–50 between Stockholm and Kopparberg. (Of which eight days were partially lost on travel Wuppertal–Stockholm, Stockholm–Kopparberg, and back again.)

Before these visits, I had not been back to Sweden for a very long time, especially because I relied more on people visiting me in Germany than vice versa. How long, I do not know, but it must be at least twelve years for Kopparberg, based on the age of a niece that I met for the first time this year, and likely a similar time-frame for Sweden in general.

While the brunt of my intended writings have been delayed again and again, there are at least two older texts ([1], [2]) that might count, and I do recall that a few minor mentions in texts on other topics have taken place.


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