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A few thoughts on the U.S. election, Trump, and Kamala Harris

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Last time around, I was greatly relieved to see Trump beat Hillary, as the lesser of two evils in a lost democracy. It seemed a critical point of history, where not only the disaster of Hillary Clinton was avoided but where we saw what might be an upcoming Democrat hegemony postponed by another four years.* I thought it the most or second** most important POTUS election during my non-child*** life.

*Note complications like demographic changes. Chances are that the next Republican presidency would have come in a radically different political landscape, e.g. with a very changed Republican party, a Democrat party splintered into mutually hostile “identity” factions, Hispanics turning Republican because they over time had become net-payers to, not net-benefactors of, various Democrat measures, or similar.

**If so, behind the Bush-beats-Gore election in 2000 that prevented a continuation of the Clinton dynasty and a third consecutive Democrat term (as had Hillary won in 2016). To this note the additional complication that long periods of dominance by one party are bad in themselves, through the risk of cementing an entitlement mentality, of distorting institutions like the Supreme Court too far, of increasing corruption, and similar. A repeating pattern of two or three Republican victories followed by a single Democrat victory might be the ideal in the U.S.

***I have very vague and minor recollections of the 1980 election, at age 5, but 1992 might be a better limit.

Looking at the current situation in the U.S., it was a very good thing that Hillary did not win—but what happens in the upcoming election might be even more important. Adding a Democrat president, especially one as weak as the current incarnation of Joe Biden, could lead to a disaster. In contrast, a re-elected Trump, with no need to keep his popularity up, might finally begin to restore order. Even if he fails at that, the U.S. really needs him to win.

Trump has also turned out to be less of a problem than I had feared, and I would certainly rate him above Obama. In particular, with hindsight, I apologize for my 2016 claim that Bernie Sanders would have been the least evil among the then major candidates*. I was very wrong.

*Trump, Sanders, Hillary (during the preliminaries).

While Trump is far from perfect, he currently appears heads-and-shoulders above both Biden and Obama, as well as the likes of Hillary, Elizabeth Warren, Sanders, etc.

His true competition, however, is likely not Biden but Kamala Harris*: Chances are that Biden will (be forced to?) step down for her benefit comparatively soon, should he be elected. He might do so officially or unofficially, but Harris is likely the real question at hand.

*Whose recent appointment as Biden’s running mate is the trigger for this text.

This is issue is not new, and I actually had genuine fears in the past that the reason that the DNC pushed for Biden was to have Hillary Clinton picked as running mate, in order to deliberately make her president through the backdoor—that he was chosen because of his degeneration, not despite it.

Looking at the alternatives, however, Harris is not that bad a choice (given the natural restriction to Democrats, let alone ideas like “must be a woman” or “must be someone non-White”). She certainly appears to be superior to e.g. Elizabeth Warren by almost any standard, and going by Wikipedia on her political positions she appears to be more moderate than many other Democrats.* Still, she has a few problematic opinions, including support for affirmative action and artificial “busing”** to desegregate schools, and a too lax attitude towards illegal immigrants***.**** Moreover, my first superficial opinion is that she rates unusually highly in competence for a politician. (An opinion that I might revise considerably over time.) On the downside, her political credentials are not strong and e.g. a few terms as state governor or mayor of major city would not have hurt.

*Note that I am not familiar with her in detail from the past and that I have not studied this page that thoroughly.

**Apart from the problems that might-or-might-not arise through an increased heterogeneity of ability and whatnot, we have to consider the various costs involved—including the time wasted for the children. I was myself a victim of long bus rides to and from my high school (for geographic, not political, reasons), and it had a very negative impact on both my quality of life and my success in school.

***Notably, with regard to the horribly misnamed DREAM-er issue. (Not only a faulty approach, but a despicable rhetorical trick.)

****For a staunch Republican, which I am not, the list could be quite a bit longer and would include e.g. issues around abortion and gun control, but even here she does not appear to be in the frothing-at-the-mouth faction.

On the other hand, I find it very, very troubling that restrictions like “must be a woman” and “must be someone non-White” are even considered. This is a proof of a fundamentally flawed and anti-democratic attitude. The one positive thing is that once the U.S. has had a female president, this particular obsession might die down. It will certainly be very hard to push someone like Hillary again.

From another point of view, Harris must under no circumstances be elected and she should, instead, bow down in contrition and offer reparations for being irredeemably evil: according to her father’s Wikipedia page, he (and, by implication, she) is a “descendant of slave owner Hamilton Brown”. Nuff said!

Excursion on Thatcher:
Thatcher is, obviously and for multiple reasons, not up for election, but I would have been interested in seeing how she would have done as the next U.S president: she appeared to have little patience for vacuous Leftist arguments and Leftist violence.

Written by michaeleriksson

August 12, 2020 at 11:47 am

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